demo 2016

by Damage Done

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20/10/2016 - DEMO RELEASE avec ????, Nuke, Growing Pains, No Truce, Contempt @ La Vitrola (Mtl, Qc)

05/11/2016 - avec 100 Demons, All Out War, Life On Trial @ Coop Katacombes (Mtl, Qc)


released August 15, 2016

Recording and mastering by Ben Knightbus
Photo credit Charlie Baron




Damage Done Montreal, Québec

Zac - throat
Tristan - bass
Will - guitar
Chris - drum

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Track Name: Ivy (feat. Manie)
Find what you love and let it kill you
I was so naive,do you know what I mean?
To be amazed by your contagious smile
To be bewitched by your kiss
To be attached around your vine for a while

Ivy I try to find my way through this jungle nature
But your thorns they are like sharp razors
They have that special poison flavour
That have no cure...

Ivy,I've been under your spell for so long
Do you bleed green Ivy?

You slip through my fingers like a fucking snake

Listen up baby you need to understand
I dont need someone who sees the good in me,
I need someone who sees the bad and still wants me

I won't let you kill what remains from me, Ivy
Track Name: Ball and chains
I suffer from the circle of life
With all my good ambitions
I have images of what success is supposed to be
It’s not easy as it seems

Then anxiety became
That constant feeling of fear
Is it going to leave me
I put all my strength in this
Fuck you balls and chains
Leave me alone
Track Name: War is peace
War is peace / freedom is slavery / ignorance is strength
Fuck you Big brother
Pack your shit and get out
Programmed repression of our mind and bodies
To counter rebellion they must set oppressive rules and boundaries
We will never swallow
Because our will to live to change here and now
Is stronger than their thirst for death

It’s now or never
Decolonization of everyday life start's now

Liberate ourselves
Our life
Our rules
Our way
Track Name: Damage Done
I saw the sparkle in your eyes,
just before the tears drop,It hurts?

I'm the shadow you're the light
One has to be sacrificied for each other
Choose and choose wisely your side,it hurts?

The tears hit the floor,the next thing I know you left by the front door
i'm the shadow your the light
Love always hits you out of nowhere and that's what hurts me the most

Is there anything you love so much
You protect it no matter what the cost
and the damage it does to you

This is the end
This story is over